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Cup Double-support Games-----Solorein Vs. CSG

Issue Date:2011-5-6  Hits:5106

On April 15, Solorein participated in the 4th basketball game at 14:30 vs. the team of Chengdu CSG Glass Group. The match was so wonderful that the audience totally be carry away.

At last, Solorein team won this match with a perfect hook ball.

In the second half, all the players tried their best to conquer the others. The screaming of the cheerleaders overwhelmed the field with joy. With score 49:48 Solorein defeat  CSG Glass.

There were many highlights during the match. Whether win or lose, everyone was happy for fighting together. The most important thing is that all of us were draw a profound lesson on the strength of team work. The enterprise culture of Solorein, which called “one army, one school, and one family ” impressed us more.


Hereby, we’d like to appreciate all the players and look forward to better performance they have in next match.




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